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There are many restaurants in North Cyprus offering a wealth of culinary choice. There are many establishments serving French, Chinese, Indian and European cuisine. Most local restaurants have very high quality Cypriot food and a warm welcoming atmosphere.
Over the years the culinary offerings in Northern Cyprus have grown as has the demand for their services. Their services were required not only by the residents of the island but also by the growing number of tourists that visit the island each year. The first restaurants on the island were more local in nature and offered Cypriot dishes such as kebabs and mezes. The most famous of these restaurants are located in the harbour area. Many a person has enjoyed a candlelight dinner while gazing at the warm light illuminated Kyrenia castle. Between the breath taking scenery and the scrumptious cuisine it is hard to tell which casts the stronger spell on you.
But as the diversity of Northern Cyprus has grown so has the different offerings of its culinary world. Some of the first restaurants that dealt in foreign dishes were of eastern origin. These places normally offered Chinese and Indian cuisine. Along with these restaurants we also saw the various Italian restaurants which offered traditional Italian cuisine.

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