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Tenant FAQ's


What happens if I’m late with my rent?

Unwin Estates will do everything they can to help our tenants starting with 7 days in good faith for late payments. After the 7 days grace, we are forced to enforce the contractual agreement of a 4% charge of your rent each day that you are late with your rent after the 7 days.


How do I hold a property?

Unwin Estates will allow a prospective tenant to hold a property for a maximum of one month with a holding deposit which will be the amount of one months rent. This reserves the property for the tenant until their arrival to North Cyprus or until they can move in.


What is expected of me as a tenant?

We expect all of our tenants to follow the contractual obligations that they have signed to. This includes maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the property. All tenants will be held responsible for any damages caused (wear and tear is expected). 


How long is my contract?

Unwin Estates provides a variety of contract durations. Our usual contracts are 6 months and 1 year with the option to renew. However, we will facilitate any required duration to the best of our abilities.


What happens if I want to leave a property early?

A tenant can vacate a property with 2 months notification given on the day that the rent is due. If Unwin Estates is not notified it would be a breach of contract and a penalty will be charged.


Can I have a pet?

Some landlords will allow this or once you have moved in, and can ask, but if no is the answer, Unwin Estates will expect this to to adheraed to, if you are allowed to have a pet, you will be expected to clean up after the pet and ensure the animal does not cause damage or upset neighbours.


Is smoking allowed?

None of our landlords allow smoking inside their properties, and if it is found that a tenant has breached this clause in their contract there will be penalty charges for doing so.


What happens if something breaks?

Please contact Unwin Estates and take photos, we understand the accidents happen, however if it is damaged due to the tenant, the tenant will have to pay for it.


What else do i have to pay per month other than my rent?

  • Monthly electric bill
  • Monthly water bill 
  • Water for the swimming pool balance tank (if applicable)
  • Gas for the cental heating (if applicable)
  • Garden maintenance (the garden will be handed over to you in a good condition and it is to be handed back in the same way)

Please Note: You will be expected to provide proof of all bill payments when you come to pay your rent.

Where should I rent?

Depending on what your occupation is or whether you are a student in North Cyprus, Unwin Estates will aid you as much as possible in finding you a suitable location and property for you to stay in.

Public transport is widely available and so villages and towns are easily accessibility, so please take this into consideration. There is generally a shop or 2 within easy access of your rental property.  We as a team will try our best to provide you with what we have available that meets the criteria of your choosing.


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