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Why Choose Unwin Estates


No let no fee

We believe one of the problems in the industry is that landlords are bound to a letting contract before the agent is given the opportunity to deliver on those promises. Our concern is that this encourages agents to often over value the monthly rent on your property to get the instruction on and then be complacent, safe in the knowledge that their client is bound to them for a fixed period. We do not tie our clients into any such contract until we have demonstrated our ability to find you a suitable tenant you have approved.


Finding you the right tenant

We believe it is important to find you the right tenant rather than just any tenant. To achieve this, we would discuss with you and draw up a profile of the type of tenant that we are aiming for and market your property accordingly. Some landlords are not overly worried about the type of tenant that rents their property however are fully understanding of the people that are We believe that you need as much information as possible before make a decision to enter into a binding agreement with your prospective tenant.


Property Management

Property management is a skilled and complex process. We employ the services of independent suppliers in connection with the management of your property for various reasons; to ensure your interests are protected as far as possible; to maintain the property and to enhance the service we provide. All the suppliers we use have been handpicked by us to ensure that they meet the same operating standards that we do. We know that your asset has to be looked after to ensure maximum yield and we will do just that.


A dedicated client accounting & credit control team

If you are using either of our managed services our Accounts Team would ensure your rents are collected and paid to you. They would chase rental payments promptly and by paying in arrears, can notify you if there is a problem before you are expecting to receive a payment. We would also serve any relevant notices in the correct way with the relevant prescribed information. You will be sent statements regularly by email to show you all incomings and outgoings.


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