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What is buying-to-let? 


  • Buying-to-let is buying or developing a property to rent it out and earn an income.
  • Investing in property is one of the safest routes of investment, as it is a tangible asset that can be liquidised a lot faster than everything else. When you Buy-to-Let you are not only investing in a liquid asset but in an asset that pays dividends and, to an extent, does not depreciate.
  • One of the greatest advantages of being a buy to let investor is that you can earn an income two different ways. One way is through the rent paid by tenants of the property, and the other is through capital growth, depending on where the property is located.
  • As North Cyprus is a hub of Education with more than 10 universities in a very small area, investment in buy-to-let properties is very smart as there are always students wanting to rent accommodation.
  • Investors can also benefit from finding long term rentals, providing a steady and reliable source of income. Unwin Estates property management will always ensure the safety of landlords and tenants to the best of our ability.
  • A landlord has the option of choosing the category of tenant and their choice will be respected and carried out to the best of our abilities.
  • In real estate, the risk-reward factor is much lower as it is a tangible asset that cannot depreciate overnight and generally holds its value if not appreciating in value.
  • You get a ROI average for such properties of around 10%. This is a lot higher than a regular savings account so this should be taken into account.
  • When you take the decision to invest in a property to let you become your own boss. You get to choose which property to invest in, the rental charge and who you will rent to. This gives the landlord full power to ensure they are comfortable with the investment from start to finish.
  • Buying-to-let makes the cost of living a lot more affordable as it potentially provides income the following day. For example, a person can buy an apartment in the city centre and rent it out for £500 a month. Assuming maintenance cost is about 10% a month that leaves £450 for the landlord. With that money the landlord can rent an apartment 7 minutes from the city centre for £350 leaving them with £100. After 10 years of having basically free housing the original property has paid for itself and for the landlord’s housing, plus the amount it has appreciated on top of the £1200 per annum.
  • Buying to let can be invested in a 'retirement fund' of sorts. This can be done by buying a property, renting it out and putting the rental income into the bank. After 5-10 years depending on the property there is enough savings for another property.This can be done over and over again leaving the landlord with a monthly income of extortionate amounts. Even if this is only done 3 times over it would provide the landlord with an income of £1500 which can go far in any country they live in.

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