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Maintenance FAQ



  • Is there water in the tank?
  • Have you paid your water bill?
  • Is there power to the property?
  • Is water going to the pump?
  • Has reset button been pressed (only if water in tank)
  • If toilet not working – check that the side taps are on
  • Is mains water on? (is the water meter spinning)
  • Water pump (only if water in pump and electric is going to it) – turn off from mains, take off the cover where the fan is, manually turn it to release dirt, put cover back on, turn on from mains, press reset button on pump.
  • Meter keeping running – is the immersion switch on? If so, turn off
  • Hot water tank blown - Is the immersion switch turn on? If yes then turn off
  • Has the tank emptied completely/run dry? Air might be trapped in pipes. Keeps taps open to let excess air out.



  • Is there a power cut?
  • Have you paid your electricity bill?
  • Has fuse switch tripped?
  • Have you overloaded a socket?
  • Bulb blown – try replacing the bulb before doing anything else.
  • If fuse is tripping, isolate problem, turn off all appliances and switch on one by one to see what is causing the issue



  • Is there water in the balance tank?
  • Pool must be topped up as soon as it drops half way.
  • Is the ballcock stuck (round ball, floats?)
  • Is the pool on MANUAL mode istead of AUTOMATIC/TIMER mode?
  • Is your pool maintaince provider regularly cleaning the pool?



  • Air con not working - does the control have batteries; if so are they in the correct way round? Are they new batteries – try replacing them
  • Is it switched on from the mains? (is the aircon lights on)?
  • Is there a power cut? Is there any power going to the property?
  • Has the fuse tripped?
  • Blowing out only cold/hot air - Is it on the correct setting? (only if blowing out hot/cold)
  • Keeps turning off on it own - Has the aircon been set to timer (little clock symbol)



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