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Step By Step Selling Guide


1. Presentation of property

First impressions really do count when it comes to property. Try and present the property in its best possible light. Where possible the decoration should be fresh and neutral. The property should be as clean and tidy as possible. When potential buyers come and view the property you want them to be able to imagine living there. If the property is cluttered with your personal possessions it becomes harder for your potential buyer to imagine it as theirs. If you have pets, try and keep them contained, in this way you are not encountering unnecessary problems around phobias or allergies.


2. Viewings

We at Unwin Estates accompany all viewings as we believe this is an essential part of the selling process. How this is handled will make a huge difference to the first impressions that your potential buyers will have of the property.


3. Accepting an offer

It is our duty to put all offers forward to you and will always ensure that we have as much information about the prospective buyer as is possible. Clearly your decision is not based on the level of the offer alone – you need to know that the buyer can afford it and that they are in a position to proceed.


4. Using a solicitor

It is a very specific job and is best dealt with by a professional who does nothing else. We are happy to recommend a company who is highly efficient and has extremely competitive rates. Please ask any of our staff members for details.


5. Prepare Inventory (if applicable)

Now that you have agreed on the sale price you need to now agree what you will be leaving in the house when it is sold. If the house is going to be sold fully furnished you will need to go into the house and make a full inventory of what will be sold with the property so that the buyer knows what they are getting.


6. Exchange and completion

Once the holding deposit has been paid and both you and the buyer are happy to sign the contract/transfer the deeds, your solicitor will draw up the contract that will be signed by you or your solicitor on your behalf if you are not in the country. Once this has been done the buyers solicitor will send the remaining funds over to your account as completion of the purchase.


7. Vacant possession

You must ensure that you are out of the house at the appointed time and that you have cleared all your personal effects from the property except those that form part of the sale.



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