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Selling FAQ's


What documents are necessary in order to market my property with Unwin Estates

In order for us to properly assess your property, we need you to supply us with a copy of the following:

  • Title deed  
  • Government Site Plan
  • The owners Passport/Kimlik
  • Final Approval (if applicable)
  • Planning Permission
  • Contract of Sale ( if applicable)

This may seem like a long list but at Unwin Estates, we like to do things the right way. It reassures us that the properties we are selling are correct and we can advise prospective buyers with full disclosure and confidence.


What is VAT/KDV?

Like most countries around the world, taxation is applied to the sales of products and services. There is no difference here in North Cyprus with VAT (known locally as KDV) chargeable in property purchasing and selling as follows:

  • 5% of the sales price is payable if the title deed remains in the builders name or a professional sellers name
  • 16% is charged by the government of Unwin Estates services


How quickly can Unwin Estates sell?

The sales team at Unwin Estates each and all have a broad spectrum of clientele interested in property for different purposes.

We will contact the suitable clientele for your property and take them to view it. You can also help speed up the process of the sale by enabling easy access for us & keeping a tidy and well-presented property.


How will I know what the viewers thought?

At Unwin Estates, we give the service of a feedback report which can be done via email, Whatsapp, Cell phone or landline, you tell us what you prefer and after each viewing we will make contact and tell you what the clients thought. Be aware that not every buyer will want to buy your home, you only want one purchaser, so we will indicate the postive’s and the negatives, this will help you see where your property is strong or weak in the market place.


Should I sell furnished or unfurnished?

This is always your choice, please remember that people are buying their dream home, and we are selling your property not your furniture, always remember that fashion and concepts have moved on since you came to North Cyprus, and there is much more to choose from here now (please ask for our advice on this matter).


Will I make a profit?

Profit is defined as the sale price versus the purchase amount; therefore this will always depend on location. Location. LOCATION. How you present your property will also affect it so please feel free to come into Unwin Estates and have a chat, we offer a range of services designed to improve your property and prepare it for sale.


Do I need a Lawyer?

As a foreigner selling a property in North Cyprus a lawyer is not required. However, we at Unwin Estates would always recommend having a legal representative to do all paperwork and title transfers as it would be near impossible to do yourself with the language barrier.


Do I need to pay anything upfront?

The simplest answer to this question is NO. However, for a property to be sold quickly at a desired price it should be brought up to standard and any damages fixed. Other than that there is no outlay of cash required. At Unwin Estates we offer a range of services that may assist you, please ask for more information.


What do I need to do before a viewing?

Unwin Estates expects all home owners that would be present at the time of the viewing to make sure that their property is tidy, clean and well presented. All shutters and curtains should be open and any outdoor furniture be well laid out. This helps us and the seller to present the property in its best form. After an initial greeting please allow us to show your house as we are the professionals.  Furthermore, we expect the home owner to not get into any negotiation with the clients in regards to pricing.


What can I do to help sell my house?

A clean and tidy home will make all the difference as buyers arriving should see your home at its very best. The presentation is critical for ensuring you achieve the best possible price. We recommend that prior to marketing all those little jobs that you may have been shelving over the years are done, the paintwork touched up, the bushes trimmed and the pool cleaned. A prospective buyer should be able to walk into a clutter free environment and feel comfortable.


I am thinking of selling my house, what should I do first?

First thing to do is to see how much your property is worth in the current market. We at Unwin Estates have many years of experience in selling property in North Cyprus therefore we will provide you with a free Market Appraisal for your home. Whilst at the property we will give you ideas how to maximise your investment. After your initial valuation we will provide you with a list of services that we have to offer the current state of the North Cyprus property market and show you how your home will be presented. Do not be afraid to ask for more information, we at Unwin Estates are here to listen and assist you with your moving plan. At Unwin Estates we offer a range of services that may assist you, please ask for more information.


Do I need an Estate Agent to sell my house in North Cyprus?

When marketing your home, in most cases you will want to achieve the highest price possible therefore the larger the coverage, the better chance you will have to find that one buyer who is willing to pay you the best price. Unwin Estates has one of the largest portfolio of clients in North Cyprus, therefore our chances of finding you a suitable purchaser will be greatly enhanced. Furthermore, the laws of North Cyprus, you are required to have a registered Estate Agent (known locally as Emlakçi) to process the purchase at the Land Registry Department (known locally as Tapu Dairesi)


Who will show prospective buyers my home? Will they “know” my home?

In many studies, buyers will generally make up their minds within the first few moments of arriving at your home therefore it is vital that you have a professional there to guide the buyer. We at Unwin Estates accompany ALL of viewings to ensure that we achieve the best possible price for you.



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