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Northern Cyprus Villas


In North Cyprus you will have a huge variety of properties to explore all at reasonable prices in comparison to the rest of the Mediterranean. The opportunity to own your own home here will make you discover that North Cyprus villas are something special and that you will certainly find something that will excite you. When you are considering a purchase of a suitable property there are many aspects that you should consider and whether you are seeking a North Cyprus Villa, a cottage, an apartment or a bungalow.

At Unwin Estate Agents we have extensive experience in "Helping you to make the right decision". There are so many to choose from but rest assured your dream North Cyprus Villa is just a phone call away. We will guide you through all the necessary paperwork, and assist your solicitor with any enquiries and then hold your hand to the very end.

Your choices will also be, we presume, dictated to by budget and preferences. The thought of a high rise luxury penthouse apartment versus a sumptuous North Cyprus bungalow with its own private pool will be your choice.

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