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Beaches in Northern Cyprus


  • Escape Youthful privately owned beach located in Alsancak North Cyprus which is west of Kyrenia.  Escape beach is one of the beaches for the person that likes golden sand and hit music.
  • Camelot This beach is owned by Girne American University and is located in West Kyrenia, with a restaurant & bar overlooking the sandy beach cove and watersports facility it is a great place to spend your day in Northern Cyprus.
  • Deniz Kizi This beautiful golden beach is owned by Deniz Kizi Hotel and is located on the border of Karaoglanoglu and Alsancak in Kyrenia. With a PADI Scuba Centre this is an amazing place to spend your day before adventuring under the North Cyprus Sea
  • Golden Bay Sharing a cove with Deniz Kizi beach this is one of the most popular beaches for a relaxing day on the Northern Cyprus golden sand.
  • Golden Beach This spectacular beach located in Dipkarpaz, which is the most Easterly point of North Cyprus, is a vast sandy beach that is seemingly untouched by the modern world.
  • Akdeniz Beach Located West of Kyrenia and is an important nesting place for turtles, it is also famed for its water sports and parasailing with many competitions being held here, there is a very busy traditional Cyrprus beach bar/ restaurant located here with excellent fish and meat dishes.
  • Alagadi This beach located in a cove East of Kyrenia is Famous for its spectacle of Northern Cyprus Turtle life. Every year you can go down and watch turtle hatching and join the organizations that help protect North Cyprus Wildlife.
  • Esentepe Beach Located in Esentepe, East Kyrenia this is one of North Cyprus’s many government- owned and run beaches.
  • Oris Beach Located in Alsancak, North Cyprus this beach is for those who may not enjoy sand as much, with a pier out to sea you can get in and out of the sea without getting your feet covered in sand. Oris Beach is well known for its beach bar/Restaurant and its spectacular night life.
  • Oasis Beach Located near the tip of North Cyprus, this beach is in the Karpaz area with a restaurant, bar, and accomadation on the beach this is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, sun and North Cyprus.
  • Long Beach As the name suggests this is one of the longest and biggest sandy beaches on North Cyprus located on the south coast of Karpaz, this beach is owned by Long Beach Resort which provides you with all the amenities that you would expect from a long weekend holiday in an upmarket hotel.
  • Kervansaray Located in Karaoglanoglu, Kyrenia this is one of North Cyprus’s oldest and most loved beaches. Kervansaray also has an amazing restaurant overlooking the beach and Kyrenia coast line.
  • Salamis Beach Owned and catered for by a hotel this beach is the place to go to sit back relax and enjoy an ice cold summer drink while gazing over the Crystal Clear Mediterranean Sea of North Cyprus.
  • Shayna Located in Catalkoy, East of Kyrenia, this magical beach surrounded by green Cyprus native trees is one of the only beaches in North Cyprus with a European style beach club.
  • Port Cratos Port Cratos Beach, owned and operated by Cratos hotel is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in East Kyrenia. With imported Egyptian sand and a man made island with private gazebo’s offering lounge seating this is the beach to go to to be treated like a celebrity.
  • Mia Beach Also Known as Club Mia, this beach is owned and operated by Elexus hotel. With daily pool parties and golden sand beach this is the place to go to in North  Cyprus For one of those Magical summer nights that you will never forget.
  • Lords Palace Beach Located on the border of Kyrenia City Centre this beach is owned and operated by Lords Palace Hotel. Providing you with 5 star service and amenities fit for royalty.
  • Guzelyali Beach Located west of Kyrenia this beach is owned and operated by the government. With a small restaurant and bar at the end of the beach this is the place to go for a quiet day on the beach.
  • Horseshoe Bay – Located in Kayalar, North Cyprus this beach offers the calmest sea conditions in West of Kyrenia due to the shape of the bay. At one of the beaches there is Cyprus’s most loved BBQ restaurant that people from across the island drive for hours just to enjoy its impeccable food.


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