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Places to Visit in Northern Cyprus


  • Karpaz – also known as the "Panhandle" is located in the eastern corner of Northern Cyprus and is a natural area protected from villa and property development with sandy beaches extending miles in to the distance. Wildlife is extensive and an ideal destination for those who want a quiet holiday/life.
  • Lapta Coastal Walk, Lapta, North Cyprus – a recent addition to the walking life funded by EU moneys stretching along the north Cyprus coastline initially 2 km but soon to be extended by a further 2 km.
  • Kyrenia Castle, Kyrenia, North Cyprus – An awe inspiring castle, stands proudly in the north eastern corner of the Kyrenia harbour with many attractions inside.
  • Kantara Castle – perched high up at the crest of the Kyrenia Mountain range, with 360 degree views.
  • Buffavento Castle – one of 4 Crusader castles built during the ancient times accessed via a path which winds itself up to this dramatic edifice overlooking the Northern Cyprus coastline.
  • St Hilarion Castle, Five Finger Mountain Range, North Cyprus – another of the crusader castles with spectacular vistas from every angle!
  • Kyrenia Harbour,  Kyrenia, North Cyprus – ancient mariners port, being a prime tourist hot spot in Northern Cyprus this is a MUST SEE!
  • Karpaz Gate Marina, Yeni Erenkoy, Karpaz – a state of the art Marina facility with private berths and public facilities. Definitely worth the time to visit with restaurants and beach club. Located on the northern Cyprus far eastern coastline.
  • Bellapais Abbey, Bellapais, Northern Cyprus – a superb Abbey ruin with cloisters and arches galore and an ambience of the by gone eras that have visited. The local orchestras and choral society regularly hold open air concerts to add to the balmy nights of Cyprus.
  • Gecitkoy Reservoir, Northern Cyprus – one of the largest constructions undertaken of the recent years. The reservoir was built to hold the water pumped from Turkey to help solve the water situation here. Now a great tourist centre with parks and visitor centre.
  • Green Heights, Yesiltepe, near Alsancak, North Cyprus – A botanical garden boasting a huge array of mysterious flora and fauna through twisting paths leading to a swimming pool and restaurant.
  • Army Tank, Lapta, North Cyprus – balanced on the edge of the road a tank captured by the Turkish army from the Greek insurgents, currently marked as a monument and a reminder of the previous troubles on the island!
  • Blue house, Camlibel, Northern Cyprus – definitely worth a visit – a house with many hidden treasures including tunnels and a strange ambience.
  • Soli, Lefke, North Cyprus – Roman Ruins located on the far western perimeter of North Cyprus and protected area.
  • Vuni, Lefke, North Cyprus – Another set of roman ruins overlooking the historical Akdeniz bay – North Cyprus history commenced many centuries ago and this could be one of the earliest settlements.
  • Old city in Lefkosa/Nicosia, North Cyprus – one of the last divided cities in the western world and steeped in history, there are toured walks around the narrow streets following the route of merchants from years ago.
  • Ancient City of Famagusta, North Cyprus – one of the early ports in Cyprus’s history with deep water entry. Walks along the embattlements overlooking the Othellos Tower are hard to beat when it comes to atmosphere.
  • Salamis, Iskelle, Northern Cyprus – Roman settlement complete with Amphitheatre and ruins of houses and mosaics.
  • St Barnabus Monastery – Famagusta, North Cyprus – one of the early monasteries.
  • Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Karpaz, North Cyprus – the visiting place of St. Andrew during early times. A pilgrimage for many followers from different faiths. 
  • Art Galleries – various locations around the island encourage local artists to display their works in private and public collections.
  • Tank Museum, Cikarma Plaj(Landing Beach), Nr Alsancak, Northern Cyprus – a monument and museum to the Turkish military that lost their lives on the fateful days around 20th July 1974.
  • Barbarism Museum, Dereboyu, Lefkosa/Nicosia – not for the faint hearted but definitely worth visiting to understand some of the recent history in Cyprus.
  • Karmi Village, Karaman, North Cyprus – after the 1974 war, the village was bombed out and derelict. Now it is a thriving community of ex-patriates from mainly around UK and Europe who were granted permission to restore ruins and improve. The focal point of the village is Karmi church and its historic blue door. 
  • Miniature Village, Tatlisu, North Cyprus – reconstruction of famous Northern Cyprus landmarks in scaled down to miniature sizes.
  • Terracotta Army, Akdeniz, North Cyprus – unearthed in the early 20th century terracotta figurines ranging from half to quarter sized and considered to be the largest collection of terracotta soldiers outside China.
  • Buyuk Han, Lefkosa/Nicosia, Northern Cyprus – a restored prison now a market and a centrepiece of the Lefkosa tours – beautifully restored and much loved.
  • Pile, nr Famagusta, North Cyprus – a bi-communal village where yester years are left far behind giving hope for the future


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