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Unwin Estate Agents, estate agent in Northern Cyprus, as the brain child of Hayran and Mark Unwin, a professional couple, who after many years of enjoying the charms of Northern Cyprus, decided it was about time others could share in their delight. So together with their extensive personal experience in the real estate industry and their love of the island this Northern Cyprus real estate company was started.

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North Cyprus real estate has expanded at a great pace and Unwin Estate Agents always leads the way with their fresh and straight forward approach to the business. Unwin Estate Agents company has expanded to keep pace with the growing demand for a more professional and cultured estate agent in North Cyprus. This is evident from the moment you make your first contact with the company. "Polite and friendly" is the best description for your greeting and thereafter you will be guided through buying property in Northern Cyprus by caring members of staff. The extensive training is obvious and the detailed background knowledge comes from constant awareness of their surroundings.

As a professional Northern Cyprus estate agent company Unwin Estate Agents do not carry out any development or construction for themselves so you are guaranteed an impartial opinion. There are so many choices for you to make, it is therefore easier if there are no hidden agendas.

When you go viewing property in North Cyprus, whether it is a luxury villa, apartment or the character cottage you are after, an experienced negotiator will accompany you on your route. Being chauffeured in an air-conditioned vehicle will enable you to appreciate your surroundings and take in all the good and bad points. A negotiator will be there to answer as many questions as possible and there will be no hard sell, so you can rest assured. This will be a pleasurable experience that in future times you will look back on, as you sit on the terrace of your North Cyprus home looking out over the Mediterranean and remember the first time you saw this piece of paradise!

It is with comfort and ease that most buyers secure their future homes, that it has been commented on how simple it all is!

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